Dear Pastors and Churches,

Wesley Foundation is our North Indiana Conference's United Methodist campus ministry. We are here to serve your students as they come to school at Purdue. We do not seek to replace or negate your ministry but rather to build upon the foundations you've already laid. We are a team working together to help young people grow into mature adult Christians and leaders of the church.

What we can offer you at Purdue...

You are welcome to meet your college student at Wesley for counseling, Bible study or attending worship together at 4:30 on Sundays. Please let us know that you are coming and we will reserve a parking space and dinner for you.

Tour Wesley with your students before they come to Purdue!

One of our staff would also be glad to meet with you and your students to let them know of the resources we have in our ministry. We also have students who will gladly share their stories. Many of our students are available to mentor your new students before and after they get to Purdue.

Emergency counseling and contacts

If one of your students has a crisis, we are here and on call for you and your students. We have been known to stay with students until their parents and/or you get here, or consult about other support/counseling/treatment your student might need. We are here to serve in whatever capacity needed as your colleague in Christ.


Our presence on campus gives us a unique vantage point from which to be a resource to you. You are also invited to...Bring your Jr. and or Sr. High Youth Group or college students here to show them Wesley!

What we can offer you at your church...

We'd be happy to send a Wesley Witness team to speak, preach, sing, share drama or dance at your church. We pray for you. If you have any specific prayer requests, please let us know. We can serve you. If you need a mission group to serve your church, or if you have a job to offer, we might have some students available! Thank you for visiting!