Meet the Staff!

Lana Robyne --
Campus Pastor and Wesley paprazzi

Glen Robyne --
Campus pastor and recreation big kid

Lana Robyne

Lana is Campus Pastor and Co-Director with Glen (Yes, they're married!). Lana also serves part-time as Pastor of Spiritual Formation (Adult Ed and Missions) at First United Methodist Church. She enjoys meeting new people, exploring questions they have about inter-faith dialogue, cross-cultural relations, environmental issues, Africa, missions, gender-issues, history, theology, and the Bible, and leading retreats in Mother Nature. She loves experiencing other cultures and traveling the world, reading, watching movies, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and cycling in the beautiful outdoors.  Oh, and don't hesitate to ask her about her two wonderful children!

Glen Robyne

Co-Director of Wesley Foundation at Purdue, along with Lana. Glen also serves part-time at First United Methodist Church in West Lafayette as Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Youth (let him know if you feel called to work with youth!). He's a tall goofy guy who likes all things recreation. If you hang around him very long he will convince you to play Wallyball or Ulitmate Frisbee during the semesters. During the breaks he continues his recreational ways skiing with students in Colorado and bicycling on our week-long Bikers for Jesus. At the drop of a hat, he will go with you on a Mission trip just about anywhere in the country or world. Never at a loss for words, he also loves good conversation both in small groups and one-on-one.


Jen Lewis --
Administrative Assistant

Kay Hagen --
Communications Coordinator

Jen Lewis

Jenny Lewis has been involved in ministry of the United Methodist Church for nearly 20 years. She has worked alongside her husband, Gary, in local church ministry in six different communities throughout Indiana. She worked as an Administrative Assistant for the former North Indiana Conference and the Lafayette District. She is a die-hard Purdue fan and enjoys sports of all kinds. Last year she even went on the Wesley Bikers for Jesus trip with her daughter Sarah Jay Miller. She has an infectious sense of humor and enjoys student ministry.





From Web sites, to writing, to graphic design, if it's communications-related, Kay can help. She is frequently found in the fish bowl office and rearranging things throughout the building. She enjoys crafts, reading, and spending time with animals. Her daughter, Anna, often is with her, and thinks she really runs the place. Oh and, sometimes her dogs come to Wesley with too.

Desiree Keiper --
Financial Affairs Coordinator



Meet the Interns!

Ana Sosa -- Intern

Ivan Milosi -- Intern

Ana Sosa