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All Hands on Deck Fundraiser


New Traditions at Wesley

A new tradition has begun at Wesley! This year our Senior-Sendoff Dinner was outside, and we enjoyed a delicious cookout on the deck as we celebrated our seniors. After honoring our beloved graduates, they were gathered for a photo on the steps of the deck. Cherished memories like this were made possible by the wonderful support received for the deck so far. We are excited to continue making new traditions like this as work towards making Wesley Foundation more ADA compliant to individuals living with disabilities and injuries.



How about a quick recap of Phase 1? The first phase included the construction of the deck with steps and railing installed. The first phase was completed in February of 2021 and we began utilizing the deck when the weather warmed up! Phase 2 includes the installation of the accessibility lift, double glass doors, sails, electricity, and wifi. Earlier this year, we held a fundraiser to begin to honor Lana’s Legacy. Thanks to your generous support, we almost have enough to install the double glass doors! Once installed, we will name the doors in honor of Lana and will continue reminding everyone of her legacy: Wesley’s Open Doors for All. 

We are almost there!

The All Hands On Deck Project has been in the works since the beginning of 2019 and has been quite the journey! We are grateful to everyone that has supported our vision of making Wesley more accessible, that includes 70 donors contributing about $75,000. Whether you have given towards the completion of the deck or were involved in the planning of the project itself, your contributions and support have already created wonderful opportunities for our community. Thank you and we hope you continue supporting us by giving towards the completion of Phase 2 or by sharing our mission with friends and family. Let’s continue making Wesley more accessible, to bring even more new traditions and treasured memories!


If donating via PayPal, let us know it is for the deck!

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