Student Ministries

We are a "home away from home" for many students of all denominations and faiths, races, nationalities, political bent, theological leaning, gender identities and orientations. We are here for YOU!


There's always something happening at Wesley! See the calendar on the home page and  Facebook for events

Stop by anytime!

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Worship Times


4:30 pm Student Worship

Tuesdays :

8:00 pm Praise & Student-Led Devotion,

8:45 pm - Small Groups &  Bible Study,

9:45 pm - Communion and Prayer

Sunday afternoons are a great time for students to fellowship and worship! We start off catching up in the "Breezeway"  by the main entrance from 4-4:30 before heading up stairs to the Great Hall. Our worship service specifically geared for and by students. Pastors Lana or Glen usually preach, but sometimes students preach with them or on their own. It usually lasts about an hour.


Our musicians play contemporary and traditional hymns. Let us know if you have any musical talents, dance moves, drama experience, a short witness or sermon you'd like to preach. 


About once a month we have communion together.

*As per the Methodist tradition of an open table, communion is offered to everyone. People may also pass if they wish

Tuesday nights are a special time at Wesley. Students gather for praise and one student will lead a devotion to focus us on God and faith. 


Around 8:45 we break into small groups led by staff and students. Every semester there are different topics and themes discussed, like Science and Religion, Faith and Fandom, and Faith and Sexuality, C.S. Lewis, Rob Bell, etc.


About 9:45, students gather back together in the lounge for more music, prayers, and communion open to all.

*As per the Methodist tradition of an open table, communion is offered to everyone. People may also pass if they wish.  

Friday Night Fellowship

Wesley is a happening place with fellowship activities almost every weekend! Usually on Friday nights,  events range from ice skating to rock climbing to staying in for game nights and movie nights.


There’s always something going on, so make sure to check the Wesley Facebook page and join in! 


Let us know if there is an activity you'd like to do!


When everything else is winding down, students gather for some fun exercise, friendly competition, and stress relief.


As long as the weather is above freezing, everyone gathers at 7:30pm on the IM Gold Fields (across from Hillenbrand) for Ultimate Frisbee on Sundays and Thursdays. Once the weather turns too cold, we head into the Co-Rec for Wesley Wallyball at 7:30pm.


Recreation is open to people of all skill levels and we’re always happy to teach newcomers! Let us know if there is another sport you enjoy.

Check the Wesley Recreation Facebook page for updates and reminders!

Spiritual Retreats

We have retreats for any season: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We retreat  to Colorado, local churches, local campgrounds and even on the road with Bikers for Jesus while raising money for missions.


See our Facebook page for the latest updates, or better yet, join our Facebook student group!

Covenant Groups

Covenant groups meet weekly. Depending on interest, there are usually 2 groups that meet each week. 

The groups are there to keep the members accountable and to form an extra support system. 

Wesley Foundation at Purdue University

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