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Capital Campaign to enhance our new building!


A New Transition for Wesley

Wesley Foundation at Purdue is excited to announce that after extended negotiations with Purdue University, our Board of Directors has agreed to sell our building and land at 435 W. State St. In exchange we are receiving new land at 122 Waldron St. in the "island area" between residential and academic campus and enough financial support to build a larger, more sustainable campus ministry building to help us carry our mission and vision forward for the next 100 years. 


We are proud of our over 100 years of ministry on State Street. From this location we have done much to transform lives and the Purdue Campus. In the 1930's, Wesley Foundation started the co-op student living movement on campus. Later, Wesley broke the color barrier at a time when only white students were allowed to live on Purdue's campus. In moving, Wesley is committed to continue living out our legacy and mission. With additional fundraising, we will be able to add to the new building to include up to 30 beds for the ministry to rent to students and provide a sense of community. While we are sad to leave our current and historic location, this opportunity allows us to further diversify financial income and enable our ministry to continue leading boldly by providing a substantial student community living option on site. We believe this move sets us up for the next 100 years of ministry as a force for good on campus.


We are grateful to The Found (Baptist Student Foundation) Campus Ministry who will be graciously sharing their building at 2nd and Russell with us starting August 2024. We will ministry out of this shared location while our new building is being constructed just one short block east. Wesley has a long history of collaboration with The Found as our closest partner in campus ministry. We are excited to continue that collaboration during and beyond our time when we are temporary located with them.


As we start this new adventure, we ask for your prayers for the challenges that are ahead. We also ask for your continued and renewed support. Suggestions, questions, or comments can be directed to Pastor Glen. Please keep an eye for more emails and newsletters.



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