Our campus ministry is student-led, with a wide range of opportunities for people to become involved. Most of our student leadership is a part of our Council on Ministries (COM), Additionally, we also have students who help organize and lead Winterization, Global Connections, and our Grad Student Interfaith Devotions group! Students are encouraged to be a part of the committees that help keep our ministries at Wesley going. Elections are held at the end of each semester, so be sure to look for announcements in our newsletter, email, or group chats!


Spiritual Nurture Chair(s): David Czerwonky & Jackson Fuller

Hospitality Chair(s): Emily Mosier & Joel Will

Service Chair: Sami Heathcote

Outreach Chair(s): Elizabeth Nelson & Ethan Brady

Communications: Peggy Foster

President: Elizabeth Sowinski

Vice-Presidents: Kelden Cook & Emily Mosier

Secretary: Peggy Foster

Treasurer: Ethan Main

Worship Chair: Kelden Cook

Fellowship Chair(s): Giridharan Moorthy & Alex Toth