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Glen Robyne

Campus Pastor

Glen is Director of Wesley Foundation at Purdue. He's a tall goofy guy who likes all things recreation. If you hang around him very long he will convince you to play Wallyball or Ulitmate Frisbee during the semesters. During the breaks he continues his recreational ways hiking with students in Colorado and bicycling on our week-long Bikers for Jesus. At the drop of a hat, he will go with you on a mission trip just about anywhere in the country or world. Never at a loss for words, he also loves good conversation both in small groups and one-on-one. As we seek to be the spiritual community, we are called to be.

Desiree photo for Twitter.jpg

Desiree Keiper

Business Administrator

Desiree chose to work at Wesley Foundation because of its core mission to create a strong nurturing community for students that is centered on faith in God. She says, “It is inspiring to see the students learn and grow in their faith as they strive to make a difference in the community by serving others and being great role models in Christ. Being a part of this wonderful support system during such an essential time in the students’ lives as they prepare to go out into the world is a rewarding benefit!” When not at Wesley, Desiree is a Ballroom dance teacher. She also loves to volunteer as the production choreographer for St. James School musicals. In 2015, she ranked among the top two Indiana couples in the Professional Open Smooth Ballroom Competition circuit. For the past 12 years Desiree has been a member of the Lafayette community with her husband, 4 children, 2 dogs, and Jerry the chinchilla. Desiree is a devoted mother, dancer, and staff member of the Wesley Foundation at Purdue.


Mack Owings (they/them or he/him)

Associate Pastor

Pastor Mack comes to Wesley Foundation with a passion for youth and LGBTQ ministry. They graduated from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in May of 2021 with a Master of Divinity, and then moved to Lafayette with their fiancée, Monica. Pastor Mack grew up United Methodist in a small town in Indiana, where they enjoyed playing soccer, softball, and even the cello. They attended the University of Indianapolis planning to become a physical therapist, but in their junior year, heard God's call into full-time ministry and changed their major. You can often find Pastor Mack downstairs enjoying the cereal bar or out on the deck. They are always down for a good board game or video game, and you may convince them to GM a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Pastor Mack leads our LGBTQ student group, Love Always Wins, as well as our Global Connections meal.


Jasmin Marlene Mendoza

Communication Specialist/ Ministry Intern

Jasmin is a San Diego, CA native. She recently moved here in August 2022. She has worked in ministry for about 10 years, her passion has always been helping others and making everyone feel welcomed. She plays the banjo and got a harmonica for Christmas so you better watch out. She's a big goofball and enjoys to see others laugh, so if you have any dad jokes or any puns please share those with her. Back in her hometown she was also muralist & a professional photographer, art has always had a big impact in her life.  She's excited to see what God has in store for her at Wesley!

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