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At Wesley, we emphasize growing all around in our spirituality. For that reason, we have multiple small groups that meet throughout the week. 

Tuesday Small Groups: which include FROGs (Freshmen Reaching Out to God), Bible Breakdown, and a book study group. Tuesday small groups begin at 8:15 PM in the Great Hall with praise and devotion.  Come at 7:45 PM to hear announcements about the different small groups and join them in the various locations in the building.

Covenant Groups: For the last 2 decades, our campus directors have organized covenant groups that meet weekly. By building covenants (lasting goals) in the areas of devotion, worship, justice, compassion, and self-care, and holding each other accountable through weekly meetings, students grow spiritually and build a better relationship with God. Each meeting starts with the question “How is it with your soul?”, an important question at a time when we often neglect our spiritual health.

Grad Student Interfaith Devotions: Grad students face unique challenges on campus as they seek to grow personally and professionally, and this group offers an opportunity for them to come together and recharge. This interfaith group of grad students strives to lift each other up, learn more about each other, and grow together spiritually. 

Love Always Wins: At Wesley, we have a group of LGBTQ+ students and allies that comes together to share time together, grow, and help each other as they face struggles in life. This event takes place on Thursdays 6pm in the downstairs lounge. We firmly believe that all students deserve a “brave space”, where they can be who they truly are, and have a community of people that loves them for it.

We can't wait to see you at one of our next small groups!

Announcements for these groups will be posted in newsletters, emails, and group chats. Be sure to connect with us to hear about upcoming meetings!

If you have specific questions or want to quickly join one of these small groups please contact us directly!

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