How To Support The Wesley Foundation

Wesley Foundation United Methodist Campus Ministry at Purdue recently celebrated our 100th year anniversary. For the past 100 years, Wesley has reached out to thousands of Purdue students, American and international, mentored young leaders, initiated racially integrated and cooperative campus housing, started Aldersgate student house, sent out national and international mission trips, worshipped at Wesley and other churches, started Guru Java and Ichthus Coffee House, birthed Grand Alternative, marched and spoke up for social justice issues, helped many students in crises, married couples, baptized and confirmed new Christians, and raised up future pastors and lay leaders, and raked tons of leaves through Winterization. We are currently busy getting ready for our next Winterization with up to 2000 student volunteers coming together to rake leaves, wash windows, and clean gutters for elderly residents in the area.


Most of the past 100 years, Wesley was funded primarily by our Methodist Conference, but since 2011 we have been raising 100% of our budget. Due to less rental income this year and some churches/donors falling off in their contributions, our monthly finance report has been running red lately. We need your help more than ever to continue our ground-breaking, life-changing ministries in the years to come.

Ways you can donate:


In Person




By Mail


Sponsoring a Project

Looking to put your donation into a specific project? Email us saying you want to sponsor a project!

Send a check to 

Wesley Foundation

P.O. Box 2396

West Lafayette IN 47996

One of many ways to donate is to donate your time. We are always looking for individuals to donate their time. Email us for any opportunities. 

Wesley Foundation at Purdue University

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