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Wesley has a strong tradition of serving those in our community. In addition to the work we do every year during Winterization, we do monthly service projects to give back to people around us.

Where does Wesley Volunteer?

We volunteer at animal shelters, nursing homes, congregations, and some of the local parks and nature centers. We also strive to include service projects in our retreats, and we participate in initiatives such as Pack Away Hunger, where we help pack food to be handed out to people who are food insecure.

Let's serve together!

Join us as we seek to serve our community and be God’s light in the world. Be sure to connect with us if you want to hear about serving opportunities. 

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What is Winterization?

Wesley Foundation organizes the largest service project on campus in which around 1400 students volunteer to provide services to 400 elderly and disabled residents in Lafayette and West Lafayette. This project has grown from humble beginnings in 2002 when a group of 35 students served ten homes. 


A community coming together!

Winterization is carried out in partnership with other campus ministries including St. Thomas Aquinas, Baptist Found, and Purdue Collegiate Ministry. With the help of many student organizations and individuals we are able to winterize houses, clean gutters, wash windows, trim bushes, rake leaves, and provide any other outdoor chores that are necessary. It is a remarkable opportunity to interact with members of our community -- residents are a joy to be around, and they love having students come out to help and interact with them.


Check out the Winterization website for more information.



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