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Dec 7, 2020


Winterization Crew students up early at 6AM to finalize the check-in process at FUMCWL

Winterization Reinvented

Back in April (and even in September) we were not sure that Winterization would happen this year. Thanks to a lot of support, brainstorming, hard work, and collaboration from our Winterization Crew Student Leadership Team, Winterization happened this year. We don't typically brag at Wesley, but the student leaders this year showed incredible creativity and adaptability. They completely reinvented the entire event to be COVID safe for our students and residents, and their plan was approved by Tippecanoe County Health and Protect Purdue.


On November 7th, we had over 1100 volunteers rake leaves, wash windows, and clean gutters for over 300 residents in the greater Lafayette area. Volunteers came in car loads, often roommates or close friends, wearing masks, to First UMC West Lafayette for our reimagined drive thru check-in process.


Students were given pre-packaged bagged breakfasts and all the supplies they needed. With rakes stuffed in trunks or hanging out windows, they headed off to serve homes in smaller groups than normal, but no less fun. For the first time in recent history the weather was perfect! Many residents came outside in masks and interacted with students from a distance. Once finished they headed back to return their supplies and picked up lunch to picnic in the field near FUMCWL.



The remaining Winterization Crew at Wesley at 4PM having finished all the days activities and returned all the rakes to the dungeon for another year

COVID-19 Safety


We missed having the traditional and boisterous Opening Ceremonies this year! To prioritize safety we switched to a new drive thru check-in process...and it was a huge success!



Supplies was an adventure this year. We ran everything through First UMC which means that we transported all of our supplies from Wesley to First UMC and back.

Supplies Done Different

We had several different stations as our cars of volunteers drove through for supply pick-up, house information and, of course, food!


Instead of a large gathering and cramped cars, individuals signed up and drove themselves or a small group. Each car picked up their own supplies and got their own house to Winterize.


Our Fearless Leaders

Garret Smith and Elizabeth Nelson, our Winterization Co-Coordinators, took on one HUGE challenge this year, Winterization in a Pandemic! Of course it would not be possible without the help of Rev. Dr. Rake Master. Glen


1,100+ Volunteers!

Of course none of this would be possible without our fabulous volunteers. We had over 1,100 students come out and help us make this possible. Even during a pandemic, there are students willing and eager to help serve the community around them.

Pictures of the day by student photographer Joel Will

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